torsdag 27 augusti 2009

onsdag 26 augusti 2009


Me again! :D (Who else?)
Ive bought those pretty shoes I've been talking about. It turned out that they cost like 9270 dollars but instead since we got a discount yesterday we got them for 5704.
I can't wait to try them out on´Friday.

Oh, by the way! Did I tell you about the guys a met today!?
It was an old friend... Jesse.
I havent met hi since I was like, fifteen. Anyway. We talked for a while. It turns out...
Hes in a band thats having a gig on saturday in a bar a few blocks away.
Did a tell you he was hot? Not just hot, really really hot!
When I met him the first time he was all geeky with really nerdy cloths and all that. He was actully my tutor. I was kinda dum back then.
Anyway, know he is all chocolate brown messy hair, amazing brown eyes (Those he always had, I just didn't notice until now) Jeans that was hanging down his waist and a white t-shirt with black print on it. He is tallet then I am and is really maskuline, not a boy anymore.
His face is all cut in angles but with a soft mouth and that long hair makes it soft. He is tanned know to, in a goldenbrown way. He told me he had worked like a contructorworker for awhile to earn some money and then he got his own place and everything.
I think i might be in love <33 ;D


Now i'm kinda happy! ;)
Mommy decided that we can split the cost of the shoes so in like on hour I'm going downtown to change footballshoes.

Is it just me or do you guys love this to?
Its like the perfect song to listen to when you got out from a relationship.
If you're sad, anyway

tisdag 25 augusti 2009


Hey guys...

I guess I should be all down now and full of grief and loss but I'm not.

Does that make me crazy?

The thing is a did kinda know that something was up and in some way I was prepared for this to happen. But still. I spent two year with Chris on and off and it's kind of sad that it had to end this way, ofc I'm totally mad at him but I'm not sad.

Anyway, I was out shopping today.

I had t have new footballshoes and found one pair that I fell in love with from the first sight. Adidas Pure! Totally drop-dead gorgeous and really really comfortable. But ofc they where like really expensive and my mother wouldent by them... We got another pair that seemed like shit compared. I'm thinking of changing this shoes ive got and but the Adidas anyway...

What do you think?

måndag 24 augusti 2009

fuck, fuck, fuck

My life is now a fucking hell.

I bet yoy guys are pretty curious, I would be anyway.

This weekend I was really just relaxing at home, preparing for schoolstart. I tought it was alright until late yesterday.

I girl called me, she asked me who I was and if i knew Chris I said yes, i did. She asked me how and i said that he was my boyfriend.

Then she said that she had something to tell so a listened...

To make a long story short she said she was seing my bf behind my back but that she didn't knew I was in the picture until she found a picture of me and Chris in his wallet on Saturday.

How about that!? That fucking bastard has sleept with another girl for three fucking months!!

I'm on my way to confront him. I hope he has a damn good explanation or else a head is going to roll...

söndag 23 augusti 2009


Quick update!
Was out with Audrina all day, just wandering around in town.
Now I'm going to eat and then eat icecream and then go to bed

lördag 22 augusti 2009

About Me

Okay, You guys know a bit about me but a long way from everything (And I'm going to keep it that way) but I'm going to tell you a bit more.
You all know that my name is Dylan Katz and I'm seventeen years old. I live with my mom and dad an three year old younger brother Kevin. (I know, Kevin Katz, sounds a bit odd but i guess that reflects pretty well) We live a few miles from New York right beside a lake called Packanack Lake. I think it's kinda great, we moved here from Brooklyn three years ago.
I play soccer four or five times and run regulary two or three times a week. Between that I work in a café five nights a week and go to school. On the weekends I mostly go clubbing with friends.
I' a peoplo person and have many dear ones close to me. Beside my family it's my childhood friend Jim that I've known for about seventeen years know, and my best friend Audrina <3>
I really can't forgett my Chris! He's been my steady boyfriend for about two years know, before that we where messing around a bit and the first year was a bit of a hell but we worked trough it. That story I'm going to tell you some time, but not now :)
What more can I say? Im planning on going to Harvard next fall but I don't think Im going to make it...
The musik is a BIG part of my life. Mostly I listen to old bands like Beatles but i really like White stripes, Oasis, Micheal Jacksson, Alexz Johnson, My chemical Romance and Green Day.

Have you more questions be my guest to ask, I'm happy to answer
// Dylan Katz, xoxo